About Us

After being involved in textile industry for 10 years, owning his own weaving plant with knitting machines and weaving looms producing fabric for the entire window covering industry, Shawn started SunRay Blinds 15 Years ago.

After university, Shawn started working as a manager at a company that manufactured fabric for blinds, he later started his own business in this same industry and supplied his fabric for the blind manufacturing industry in South Africa. He then lived in California for 2 years, learning about the window covering industry and where the global trends where heading. He returned with valuable knowledge to start his own window covering business, SunRay Blinds.

Concentrating on awnings, shutters, venetian blinds and roller blinds, SunRay Blinds strive to be the most professional in the industry, with quick delivery, expert advice, and value for money.

You can now get a custom quote online instantly, pay online and have your blinds delivered to your door with installation instructions. This is the easiest and safest way to go, especially in these times.

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