How To Measure For Roller Blinds

Important Things to Remember:

  • Always use a metal tape measure, a cloth tape measure will not be accurate 
  • We require all of your measurements in millimetres 
  • Measure width then drop in this order, try not to get these mixed up 
  • Measure every window, there might be slight variations even if they are duplicate windows and this could affect your window furnishings fitting perfectly 
  • Do not take your measurements from house plans as they are not accurate 
  • If measuring with a partner, make sure the measurements are repeated out loud as they are written down 
  • Double, and triple check all details are correct before ordering and remember not to deduct anything off any Recess Fit measurements as our factory will do this to ensure a perfect fit.
  • We only work with the total size, which is bracket to bracket, please do not provide us with ‘cloth width’ measurements, simply follow our easy instructions below to get the perfect fit every time

Recess (Inside Fit) Roller Blinds

  1. First, determine if you have enough depth to fit the blind within the recess
  2. If you have enough depth in your recess then:
    • Measure the width in mm on the inside of the window frame from left side to right side in three places (Top, Centre, and Bottom) and use the smallest of the three measurements.
    • Measure the drop in mm from the top of the inside recess to the base of the inside sill in three places (Left, Centre, Right) and use the smallest of the three measurements.
    • Watch out for any obstructions within the recess such as window winders, knobs, handles, inwards opening windows, etc.
    • Important: DO NOT make any deductions or allowances to your Recess Fit measurements
  3. If you do not have enough room for a recess fit, go for a face fix blind

Recess (Outside Fit) Roller Blinds

  1. Watch out for any obstructions such as a protruding window sill, desk, beds, etc when deciding where your blind will drop to.
  2. For Face Fit, we will make your blind including brackets to your exact measurements you give us, we don’t use ‘cloth width’ measurements.
    • Measure the width in mm from the outer edge of the architrave to the opposite edge, make sure you measure at the top of your architrave as this is where your blind will be mounted.
    • Measure the drop in mm from the top of the architrave to where you want the blind to finish.
    • For shorter drop windows we recommend that you take the blind 100-200mm below the sill.
    • An Under Rolled Blind is always recommended for Face Fits as the cloth sits closer to the wall to block more light.
  3. If you do not have Architraves (timber frame) around your Window.
    • Measure the width of the opening and add at least 100mm. This will allow the cloth to cover it by approximately 35mm past each side..
    • Measure the drop from the top of the opening to where you want your blind to finish, add at least 100mm to allow the blind to be mounted above the opening.

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