How To Clean Your Venetian Blinds

There are many reasons why we should clean our Blinds. The first reason is because it helps maintain their beauty and appearance, making them look new again. Another reason is that it removes any dust or other contaminants that have accumulated on them over time; this will also prevent them from getting any dirtier. Lastly, cleaning your Blinds will make it easier for fresh air to circulate in your home.

Cleaning your Blinds

Step 1: Excess moisture is wood’s worst enemy, so avoid getting wooden blinds wet.

Step 2: To dust them – use a clean, soft cloth; a feather duster or a vacuum brush.

Step 3: To put more life into the wood, use a cleaner made specifically for wood such as lemon oil.

Step 4: Run a dryer sheet along each slat to keep dust and grime from sticking.

NOTE: Reading the manufacturer’s guidelines is more important than ever with wooden blinds, so check to see what products the company recommends before you use anything on them.

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